Odd Nerdrum - the Nerdrum School

Odd Nerdrum - the Nerdrum School


Norwegian artist Odd Nerdrum (born 1944) was a student at the Academy of Art in Oslo when modernism made its delayed entry into Norway. Nerdrum broke away from his peers who rallied around the likes of Warhol and Lichtenstein, instead becoming a follower of Rembrandt and a painter in the classical tradition. Art students from all over the world have since sought out his teachings, and many have become internationally known in their own right. This book documents the vast influence of Odd Nerdrum, and his followers who went on to become some of today's leading figurative painters. Among the many artists included are Nerdrum himself, Amy Sherald, Andrea J. Smith, Andrew Scheglow, Anthony Ackrill, Atle Skudal, Austin Murphy, Billy Roy Okland, Boris Koller, Brad Silverstein, Brad Wilde, Brandon Kralik, Caleb Knodell, Carlos Madrid, Christer Tronsmed, Cornelia Maria Hernes, Clarissa James, David Maddy, David Molesky, David Ransom, Dylan Chritchfield Sales, Elisabeth Gyllensten, Eri Hareyiama, Evan Kitson, Even Richardson, Fereidoun Ghaffari, Francis O'Toole, Gabrielle Vitollo, Geir Stahl, Guillermo Lorca Garcia Huidobro, Gunnar Haslund, Harald Kolderup, Hege Elisabeth Haugen, Helene Knoop, Irena Jovic, Ivanco Talevski, Jan-Ove Tuv, Jay Senetchko, Jeremy Francis Bell, Joakim Ericsson, Joel Frank and Johan Patricny.

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Richard Vine, Inger Schjoldager, Richard Scott, Per Lundgren, Jan-ove Tuv, Joakim Ericsson, David Molesky
Hardback | 264 pages
250 x 270 x 30.48mm | 1,837.05g
Publication date
31 May 2014
Arvinius + Orfeus Publishing AB
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Stockholm, Sweden
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Illustrations (black and white, and colour)
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